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It is common in China to pay social insurance for employees in the cities they live, not in the city where the employer is located because the social insurance, especially the health care insurance, is organized locally in China. If the social insurance is paid e.g. in Shanghai, then the staff living in Beijing will need pay all medical expenses out of own pockets in Beijing.

The city government in Beijing has announced that effective from September 2020, only employers with subsidiaries or branch offices in Beijing are allowed to pay social insurance in Beijing for their employees. The transition time is one month. So latest from 1. October 2020, your company can only pay social insurance in Beijing for your employees if your company is in Beijing, or you have a branch office in Beijing.

We offer our European clients two solutions:

  1. Registration of a Branch Office in Beijing:

We can register a branch office in Beijing for you. The highest cost will be the need to rent an office address in Beijing as the registration address in Beijing. The offers of Business Centers in Beijing range from RMB 3,000 to 5,000 per month. For a limited number of clients, we can offer registration address in Beijing for RMB 12,000 per year, averagely RMB 1,000 per month. This possibility will only be offered to clients who contract us for the founding procedure AND for the monthly bookkeeping and tax declaration for their Branch office in Beijing.

  1. Hiring your staff in Beijing at APMC Beijing:

Since APMC has our own subsidiary in Beijing, we can employee your staff in Beijing for a fee. Nevertheless, we need a deposit of at least 3 months cost to avoid the risk to have to pay the employees without receiving the payments from clients. This option is interesting for companies who only have 1 or 2 employees in Beijing.

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