C-Level Executives in Asia

Our clients for C-Level Executive Search

Since 1997, APMC has been founding yearly 20-30 subsidiaries (trading companies and factories) for German companies in Asia (including China, India, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong) and searched corresponding numbers of Country Managers and Managing Directors (MD/GM/CEO/COO/CTO), Plant Managers, CFOs/Controllers and Finance Managers. Besides the family owned and medium-sized companies from Germany, more and more public listed European companies in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland are now also satisfied clients of APMC for the Executive Search for C-Level Positions in Asia.

Project team guarantees speed and quality

Not organized as a collection (partnership) of lone fighters, APMC as management consultants work in teams also in the executive search. For every search, a project team is set up and the search is carried out quickly in team work to the full satisfaction of the client. The number of consultants in team depends on the urgency and the difficulty of the search. In urgent cases we have deployed 10 consultants and completed the search within 2 weeks to the full satisfaction of the client. As a rule, we can present at least 4 highly qualified candidates to the client within 3-4 weeks.

20 excellent candidates are needed (experience value) to successfully complete a search in Asia

Our company President Dr. Lin interviewed several hundred candidates for C-level positions every year. Thanks to our 25 years experience and a large number of C-Level positions for German/European companies in Asia, we can find at least 20 excellent candidates (“long list”) within a few weeks – experience has shown that this number of candidates in long list is required to complete a search successfully in a single pass (one round Client interviews with at least 4 candidates selected by Dr Lin).

Selection interviews by our President and Asia expert Dr. Lin guarantees the right candidates for your company

Every qualified candidate for C-Level Positions is interviewed personally by our President Dr. Lin, a recognized Asia and China expert in Germany. He selects the 4-5 best candidates (Short List) with his knowledge of the mentality and cultures of Asians and Germans/Europeans, and presents the selected candidates to the client with a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates as well as his personal Recommendation with explanations.

Success KPIs of APMC: 97%, 10 years and <1%

97% of executive search projects were successfully completed after a single round of client interviews. A second round was only needed in 3% of projects.

The candidates selected by APMC not only achieve a lot, they also remain loyal to the company because Dr. Lin already sorted out “unstable” candidates in his selection. In addition, we will NEVER approach the candidates we placed again for other clients/projects. The C- Level managers we placed have an average “retention time” of over 10 years. In 25 years (since APMC was founded in 1997) there were only 5 guarantee cases (regardless of whether the client terminated the employee or the employee resigned within 6 months), i.e. in less than 1% of the projects.

Success in Asia with APMC

If you are interested in an executive search project in Asia with APMC/Dr. Lin, please write to us at: apmc@asia-pacific.de