Search and selection of strategic partners

APMC assists companies in the strategic search for business partners – regardless of the kind of business relationship you are looking for, be it with suppliers, sales representatives, distribution partners, licensees or joint-venture partners.

Do not rely on coincidental contacts when searching partners. Only a systematic, in-depth and professional approach to search and selection ensures a competent partner, who will sustainably increase your chances of sales and profits on Asian markets.

APMC helps you to avoid the following frequently experienced problems with partners in Asia:

  • After a successful start, sales remain static or drop.
  • Your partner has different aims with regard to the cooperation agreement, e.g. transfer of know-how or monitoring your activities.
  • In addition to your products, distribution partners also sell competitors’ products or are guilty of plagiarism or patent infringement.
  • Local partners in Asia do not abide by the specified product, sales, brand, price and discount policies.
  • Profits are concealed.
  • Considerable variations in quality, requiring high levels of supervision.