Executive Search

Since 1997, we have supported German and European companies in their search for the best executive managers in China and other parts of Asia. Meanwhile, APMC is the market leader of this small market niche, which requires intensive know-how:

  • We have one of the largest databases of specialists and executives versed in the Asia region (including expats and locals).
  • We have access to a pool of several thousand Chinese and other Asian executives who have studied in the West and are fluent in English or German.
  • Highly qualified candidates seek a new challenge in Asia through us – for example, as managing directors, general managers, sales managers, purchasing managers, controllers, production managers, engineers, and IT specialists.
  • Presentation of 3 to 5 candidates for each vacancy, generally selected from several hundreds of candidates.
  • We prepare the recommended employees for their job in Asia via cultural training sessions and coach them continuously to ensure a smooth integration in the German mother company.
  • Attentive staff recommendations that keep in mind your corporate culture, coupled with continuous advice on how to foster loyalty among staff, thus avoiding the typical high turnover of personnel in German companies in Asia (up to 30% in China and India).
  • A fixed salary guarantees the presentation of the most suitable candidates, not the most expensive (our fee is independent of this salary, so there is no conflict of interests).
  • German contact people for you both in Germany and in China/Asia.
  • A six-month warranty period after the successful recruitment of a candidate.

We guarantee that we will never contact any of the candidates recruited by us for other clients.

Requirements and profiling analysis
  • Clarification of your requirements, the requirements profile of the position, the corporate culture and specific corporate and industry-conditioned circumstances
  • Definition of required profiles and qualifications
Search and contact
  • In-house data bank containing profiles of more than 150,000 specialists and executives
  • Direct approach
  • Search via our networks and partners
  • Job advertisements
Pre-screening and selection
  • Interviews targeting behavioural skills and specialist knowledge
  • Testing required language skills
  • Presentation of 3–5 qualified candidates in a written report
Client–candidate interviews
  • Scheduling interviews between clients and candidates
  • Profiles of more than 150,000 specialists and executives