E-commerce in China

China has become the world’s largest online sales market and European products are still in high demand.

Consequently, there is massive untapped market potential for European companies in Chinese e-commerce. But herein lies a challenge: what is holding many foreign companies back from engaging in the Chinese online market? The reason is that foreign companies compulsorily need to set up an own subsidiary with a start-up capital of at least €100,000 in order to obtain a licence for online shops for their own brands.

To guarantee a fast, cost-efficient market entry, we offer to set up social media and online shops for European companies’ brands. Upon termination of the contract, the online shops in China are transferred, free of charge, to the company, which will then be in full possession of its own online shop. This is not the case when dealing with Chinese online platforms, as the property rights of the websites and online shops stay with the online sales partners in China. Moreover, local online portals often represent a large number of products and so principally cater to large brand names and focus far less on distributing the products of smaller manufacturers.

We also strive to minimize the risks for foreign companies, by letting you decide whether to bear the costs and earn the full profit (trust model) or to allow the strategic partner to distribute your products in China at its own cost and risk (representation model).

We will find the best solution for you to enter the Chinese online market.